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  Welcome to the official portfolio site of Los Angeles based artist & designer Kelly L. Johnston.

kellyjohnstonKelly was born in Detroit, Michigan and began painting in oils at the age of 11. From then on, she was driven to work toward making a living through creativity and exploration of visual themes. Although she received a degree in graphic arts at Schoolcraft College in Michigan, she is largely self-taught in fine art and product design with inspiration from visual artists such as Marti Klarwein, Gustav Klimt and Andy Goldsworthy; and designers Shigeo Fukuda, Ray & Charles Eames and Frank Lloyd Wright.

In 2001, Kelly moved to Los Angeles to expand her career as a designer. She found herself involved in more than just 2-dimensional design and began working with 3-dimensional forms in metals and wood. While not abandoning her love for graphic design, Kelly delved into sculpture, woodwork, metal finishing, and installation, and began producing decorative goods for the home furnishings industry. This balance of hand-crafted art skills and a technical, exacting designer's sensibility is evident in her work. Her passion for combining these elements across various mediums drives her to acheive unique and eye-catching results.

Kelly has previously developed product and directed design at Artisan House, Inc. (C. Jere line) and created the NOVA Art Studio line for NOVA lighting, both based in Los Angeles, CA. She has worked as a contract artist creating custom product design and graphic design for 10 years through her design business K Johnston Creative, has taught classical drawing and painting to adults and children in Los Angeles, and is experienced in Art Direction, Photography & Photo Retouching, Marketing, Merchandising, and Branding.

Her main inspirations are mid-century modern art & architecture, the Surrealist art movement, ecology, organic and geometric forms and materials found in nature. Kelly is also a musician, natural foods and herbalism buff, avid hiker and explorer of consciousness.


NATURA OBSCURA: Kelly's modern pyrography & wood art available for purchase. Many of these pieces are also shown locally in the Los Angeles area.

THRU 79 DESIGN: Kelly's unique retro and vintage inspired invitation designs for purchase. Custom requests welcome.


      All content and images © Kelly L. Johnston 2001-2014. All rights reserved.